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izakmusinguzi29 years old in Northampton
"I'm open minded I love football and play it. "


About izakmusinguzi
Age: 29

Body type: Athletic

Drinks: No

Has kids: No

Religion: Just Christian

Height: 5′12″

Here for: A Relationship

Smokes: No

Wants kids: Don't know yet

Education: University

izakmusinguzi izakmusinguzi izakmusinguzi izakmusinguzi izakmusinguzi izakmusinguzi izakmusinguzi izakmusinguzi izakmusinguzi 

izakmusinguzi's Bio
Hey there. Am izak, its hard to describe my self as i sometimes prefer to let this flow in the conversation of the people that would be interested in knowing more about me, but perhaps i may try to.
Well, am gentle, funny, Caring, loving, forgiving and try hard to understand other people as we are all different and humans, i try as much as i can not to judge other people because we all have different lifestyles but if am asked to look in detail to give a view about something, i would use the bible as a baseline to find sense in what i do or what another person may be asking. As a responsible man/ future husband, i try to work hard, think hard and plan for the future before it arrives, this is for safety and wellness of my girl to be and my children to be.

Creativity is one of my hobbiess and i dont wanna be that boring Boyfriend, i have alot of friends but its time for me to find that special person, the one i will take deeper in my heart, the one i will love, the one i will wake up just to hear her heart beat, the one i will staand to worship God with, i mean that God fearing lady and thats what am looking for. That girl who will put christ at the centre of our relationship and the one who will be willing to learn from me and her to teach me something. Am not looking for the perfect, but the one who is willing to get the best from our relationship and be transformed.

And finally i Love God through Christ, i was transformed and he has been my identity, from a far he has brought me and in him is my future,

Feel free to drope me a mail, a smile and if you wanna know more about me and willing to open up to let me know about yout, that will be great, God bless you and have a wonderful day.

Cooking, music, sports, being a need, ballroom dancing.

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